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Various information for Veterans different government programs available to assist Veterans in starting a business. Veterans benefits programs. This is not a political blog but we will speak our minds about current treatment of Veterans returning from the Gulf.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Bush to help Phino Vets.

Well bush is finally doing something for Phillipino Veterans, now how about doing something for the rest of the Veterans like perhpas INCREASE Veterans Benefits.

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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Florida doing right by Veterans

Why cant every state develop Veterans Benefits programs like this. People these Veterans deserve our help. Many have given their lives so we can live in the comfort and safety of the United States.

I served in the US Army for four years active duty, it was a different Army back then. Why doesn't EVERY soldier have Body Armor? Why aren't 100% of the Humvee Up armored?

There is no dollar amount high enough to sacrifice a life. Please help your Veterans, you can contact your local America Legion, and VFW. As you sit down to a barbecue this weekend think about the soldiers in the desert Iraq and Afghanistan. Raise a glass to them and toast those who are no longer here so we can live the lives we do.

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