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Various information for Veterans different government programs available to assist Veterans in starting a business. Veterans benefits programs. This is not a political blog but we will speak our minds about current treatment of Veterans returning from the Gulf.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

U.S. Special Operations Command Care Coalition

Monday, February 27, 2006

Working from home, an ideal option for a Veteran

Hi all

Well I have been bouncing along between blogs tryig to get all my thoughts down.
Do you ever get the feeling you have to many ideas and thughts racing through your head? If I have one issue it would be that. To many ideas equals no content on the blogs equals no traffic equals no income.

There is a lot to be said for structure it is one of the steps to success.

I wonder if I really applied myself what could be done in sixty days using one website and a handfull of blogs?

Please realize that my goal is to help Veterans the topic might seem to vary on this blog but that is the end goal.

One thing I have lost in the many moons since my ets is discipline and follow through, perhaps when I read this latter it will help me snap out of it or rather into it.

I promise going forward atleast one Veterans specific program per week.
Tonight I will focus on the Vet department of the Service Corp. of Retired Executives. We will also try their email ask a question service.

And please listen no matter where you are in your life you can still reach your goals. There is one key thing that determines success and that is persistance of action. ie Just do it and keep doing it and things will happen.

Take baby steps and they all end up at a destination.