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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A tribute to a fallen soldier

People I was a mechanic in a "peacetime" Army, one the proudest moment of my life was when I got my E-5 pinned on.

At that time I was a career soldier, well leave it to me to screw that up, a bad decision with the Ex. and I decided to get out. I have never felt the comraderie, or cohesion in any company since.

I look at the Ssgt and say but for the grace of god it could be me. What do we do what can we do to help the families of these brave soldiers. Do we turn our backs on the very people who allow us to live in freedom.

Thank god we have the technology we do now, one of my primary missions this year is to start up a website for Veterans who have been injured. Many will have to work from home so lets teach them how.

SAM ex Motor pool Sgt.
Keep it moving people

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