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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

If you are a Veteran you qualify for a reduced mortgage

Many Veterans do not realize you qualify for a V. A. Mortgage.

You qualify for reduced and in some cases no closing costs. The V.A. is a bit tight on your credit history but if you have bad credit the V.A. also has general info on how to clean up your credit.

Another great feature of a V.A. Mortgage is that you can use the benefit as many times as you like and are of course on time with prior payments.

A VA mortgage is a great way to get into rental property, the monthly income can provide an salary, I suggest you look for apartments with a minimum of three rental units, if you have fewer it is tough to make a profit and still cover all expenses.

If you are a Veteran I highly suggest you check in the the VA Mortgage program You have EARNED this benefit, Thank You for your service you are are what makes America Great.

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