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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Starting a home business whats your motivation?

Why Do I Want To Start a Home Business?

In former years the search for security and job longevity caused people to look for jobs in big corporations. In this type of job a person could either find a niche that was in their comfort level and stay in that niche for an entire working life, or they could get a toe-hold on the corporate ladder and climb it in a pretty predictable manner. Yes, there was an illusion of security as long as one did one’s job with reasonable competence. What is wrong with that system? Or is anything wrong with it? How can a home-based business be better for you?

In the ‘80s the first cracks began to appear in the corporate design. Before that, for a couple of generations, men (and it was an almost completely male-dominated system) had virtually sold themselves, body and soul, to corporations for the feeling of security mentioned above. Take, for example, a person who worked for IBM. Employees used to say that those letters stood for “I’ve Been Moved.” Families whose husbands and fathers worked for IBM could have no stability in terms of setting down roots in a community, having long standing friendships or associations, being close to family or providing continuity in their children’s education.

All of these things were sacrificed for the good of the corporation as families were moved across country at the whim of the corporate hierarchy. In fact, people began to understand that the purpose of some of these moves was to make families dependent on the corporation for everything in their lives and therefore to bind strong ties of loyalty. Corporate Big Daddy would provide everything they needed and all friendship and associations would be forged within that framework. Of course they would all be short-term relationships between people who were competing for the same promotions, but it was supposed to be worth it.

In the ‘80s thousands of men understandably felt betrayed when, through corporate takeovers and “downsizing” they lost the jobs for which they, and their families, had given up everything that makes for a happy and stable family life. Men who had made slaves of themselves for the goal of a far-off pension found themselves turned out into the cold to look for other work late in their careers in a job market that had no place for their experience and skills. Many men never recovered from this shock. Others resolved never to depend on someone else for their livelihood again.

Can you see how having your own home business fits in to this scenario?

In building a home business you start with what YOU like to do, not with someone else’s idea. You are able to work from your permanent base and nurture your own roots in a community. You are able to fit your work into your family’s pattern instead of vice-versa. You are able to work mornings, evenings or noonday – whatever best suits your preferences and biorythyms. You can depend on your own competence and drive – not on “getting along” with those in a hierarchy above you. Your friends can be really your friends, not potential competitors for the approval of the bosses. You are limited only by your own potential, not by someone else’s “evaluation” of you.

Convinced? Then consider throwing off the shackles of working for someone else and put yourself in charge of your own destiny by taking advantage of the home based business opportunity now available to you!

Stephen Mistretta is a freelance writer and partner in the work at home portal Home Business Success.


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