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Friday, May 13, 2005

About this blog

This site is dedicated to all of our veterans.

Mygoal is to help veterans learn to make a living over the internet from home.

It is a crime that overall funding for Veterans benefits have been going down. Dam here is a horrible vision We ask the young men and women of this country to go to war in order to protect us, then when they come home with battered bodies and minds we expect them to jump right back into society without darn near any follow up assistance.

We can each help and I ask you to also. OK on to the goals. :):)

1. Determine what it is your really like this is what we will build your site around. See my blog at to read the article I wrote about Home business happiness.

2. Teach Vets. to understand the process of building a website from both a design and search engine optimization standpoint.

3 Teach to gather content for their site based on topics you really enjoy, this is a huge part of success.

4. Selecting the correct keywords and optimizing the website for the search engines.

5. Writing optimized content for the site.

6. Selecting product to sell on the site

7. Selecting programs to sell

8. Using adsence or searchfeed

9 Do you need to submitt to the Search engines

10 The importance of submitting to directories

11 The importance of writing articles and submitting them

15 Why it is imperative to get incomming "links" / resources.

16 Starting a newsletter

17 How to start building longterm traffic.

18 The value of donating ad space to charities

19 Staying away from "link farms"

20 Scams to avoid

21 How to market your site offline

22 How you can help this blog grow.


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