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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Home business help How helping the community can help your home business

The Benefits Of Helping People In Your Community
Part One

A home-based business can be a wonderful opportunity to reach out to others in your community and create a truly well-rounded life. The more you gain expertise in your own chosen field the more you have available for others and the greater your sense of satisfaction.

Are you learning, through your home-based business, about networking? Are you finding out what excites people and what people need to have a sense of safety and well-being? These are insights that can be used in community outreach as well as in your own business.

We keep talking about the necessity for planning when starting a home business. Here is yet another way in which good planning is essential. If you are interested in being an asset to your community and putting your newly-found expertise to work for good, you must make this a part of the balance in your work/leisure life. You don’t want to give away the expertise and talent that you are depending on to build your own business, but on the other hand there is nothing like networking to benefit any beginning business.

As with anything else, it is important in this aspect to be true and honest with yourself. If you take on a community project just for the purpose of building up a customer base for yourself, it won’t work. For one thing, people will see through it and you will not generate the good will that you thought you would. It is like the old joke about the Hollywood producer who set “The important thing is sincerity – if you can fake that, you’ve got it made!” No – people, especially those in your home community, will not be fooled for long. However, if you take a while to find out what community projects attract YOU and what ones can you honestly get excited about – you will find that giving of yourself and your talent will reap rewards you have not even thought of.

In keeping track of your own home business finances are you finding out that you have a gift for numbers and a sound financial sense? You may find it rewarding to put this to use volunteering as the treasurer of the local food bank or church building project. Have you discovered areas of creativity within yourself that aren’t completely satisfied by the parameters of your business? Maybe these “left over ideas” are just what your local school needs to liven up their programs. The people you will meet under these circumstances can be the basis for associations which enrich you personally and, in the long run, build your business. When people come to know and trust you – and realize that you are not out only for the “almighty dollar” -- they will be relieved and happy to refer their friends and family to you when they need what your business has to offer.

Remember – let this pro bono “for good” – work come out of your own personality and what you have discovered about the things that bring you satisfaction. Then you will never need to fake anything and the good you do will naturally flow back to you in many satisfying ways.

In part two we will explore the government, non-profit and paid services that can help you help your community as a home business owner. You can do it.
Stephen Mistretta is a freelance writer and partner in the work at home portal. Home business success.


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