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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Goals of this blog

I am a strong believer in setting goals. Here are the goals for this blog.

Goal 1. To educate disabled Veterans and prior service people to earn a sustainable living from home using the Internet.

Goal 2 Review one or more government or non profit program weekly specifically designed to help veterans.

Goal 3. Create a step by step guide to designing a website for your customers.
a Simple design templates
b. Email setup
c. Autoresponders
d. Building a site for the customers first and the Search engines second.
e. Why not to use all the bells and whistles such as Flash
f. Hosting costs
g. Importance of proper domain name selection for the customer and the Search engines
h. What if I want to hire a designer?
i. Uploading and updating your site.
j. Should I use a free host (other then blogs) or pay the $5-15.00 per month for hosting
k I want audio files on my site how do I do that?
l I want video files on my site how do I do that?
m The importance of a mailing list of your visitors and how to safely and legally ask for them
n Why starting a newsletter is important.
o How to find free or low cost graphics and pictures
p What Not to Do

Goal 4. Create a tutorial on Search engine optimization techniques which will cover the following:

a. Keyword selection
b Title tags
c Description
d H1-H6 tags
e Alt tags
f The importance of content
g How to optimize content
h The importance of writing articles on your website topic
i How to submitt your articles to free distribution services
j The Massive importance of incomming links
k How to get incomming links
l Directories and how to submitt
m The value of online press releases
n How to write a effective yet Non commercial press release
o Do I really need to submitt to search engines anymore?
p The basics of Search engines
q Sould I buy advertising space on other sites?
r The value of donating a link on your site to charity
s Who are the major search engines
t What percentage of the market does each Search engine control
u What does Goggles "PR" mean
v The importance of monitoring traffic?
w What is Pay Per click?
x Who are some of the top SEO firms?
y What NOT to DO
z How you can help this blog grow.

Goal 4. Setting realistic income goals and tracking weekly progress starting 6/1/05.


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