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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Help I have no home business knowledge can I still make a living online?

Part one.

Starting a home business is, in some ways, like starting any other business. It is going to take a while to get going in full gear and begin to gain the financial rewards that are possible in a good home business venture.

Sometimes people find that the idea with which they first started out does not really excite them in the long run as much as they thought it would. No problem. In internet home business it is far easier to change horses, as it were, then in a business that has a site, equipment and personnel lined up in one direction.

No computer skills? Answer this question first: how do you know that you are not proficient in these skills? We’ll answer for you: because you can see all around you people who do have these skills – they are common skills which are becoming more and more apparent everywhere. Are all of these people more intelligent than you or do they have some special, secret talent? A closer look around and you will answer “no” to that. Yes, of course there are some people who specialize in computer skills, but the majority of people who are working with computers in various ways today are ordinary people who, with a little training and practice, have mastered what is necessary for them to make the computer work for them.

To get started, you may wish to take a computer class at a beginner’s or intermediary level. These classes are being offered in schools, libraries and other locations everywhere and you can also find them online. In fact, in the 21st century people who do not have computer skills will be handicapped in any job – so why not learn them for your own business rather than for someone else’s?

Our advice, for the above reasons and others, is that you put aside some savings – even if it means working for someone else for a while longer – to tide you over while you are getting started. Again, this advice would be true of any business, whether an off-site venture or a home-based business. No business makes a profit right away. Give yourself a cushion so you can relax while finding your way to financial success in the exciting internet home business world.

Make sure that you have a good and sound business plan. This alone will help build your confidence and give you a guide for evaluating yourself and deciding whether your home based business is starting off and moving along in the way that you want. There are many sites online where you can find templates or guidelines for writing a good business plan. The process of doing this – before you start your own internet business – will focus your ideas about what you really want for your business and the steps needed to achieve your goals.

You know your dream – financial independence and creative control of your own life – keep that focus in mind always and remember that everything else can be learned!
In part two we will explore the government, non profit and paid services that can help you improve your knowledge for your home business. You can do it.

Stephen Mistretta is a freelance writer and partner in the work at home portal. Home business success.


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