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Monday, May 29, 2006

Wisconsin leads the country in Veterans Benefits

Gov. Doyle: Signs Legislation to Benefit Veterans

Contacts: Anne Lupardus, Office of the Governor, 608-261-2162

Governor Jim Doyle today signed six pieces of legislation expanding Wisconsin's already-comprehensive benefits for veterans, including Senate Bill 613, which will ensure that qualified veterans, as well as surviving spouses and children of those killed in the line of duty, will have the chance to get an education, tuition-free, at one of Wisconsin's great universities or technical colleges.

"Families of our armed forces have made tremendous sacrifices and I am proud to make their lives a little easier - and their futures a little brighter - by signing this bill into law," Governor Doyle said.

The Governor thanked Senators Scott Fitzgerald, Ron Brown, and Roger Breske, as well as Representatives Gabe Loeffelholz, John Ainsworth, and Frank Boyle for their work on this bill.

Senate Bill 436 will ensure that any enrolled student who is called for military duty will be able to return to school afterwards with the same priority in registering for courses. The bill also requires private - in addition to public - colleges and universities to reimburse the student for tuition, fees, and prorated room and board, or to grant the student an incomplete and allow that student to complete courses within six months of leaving service without paying any additional tuition or fees.

The Governor thanked Senators Mary Lazich, Dave Zien, and Julie Lassa, and Representatives Gabe Loeffelholz, Terry Musser, and Gary Sherman for their work on this bill.

Senate Bill 590 prohibits courts from holding a military parent's active duty against the parent in determining or modifying custody agreements.

The Governor thanked Senators Dave Zien and Carol Roessler, as well as Representatives Mark Gundrum and Bob Ziegelbauer for their work on this legislation.

Senate Bill 696 allows for up to three additional extensions for differential pay for activated state employees.

Two years ago, Governor Doyle worked with a bi-partisan group of legislators to pass legislation guaranteeing that state employees called to active duty were not harmed by the lower pay of the military by providing them with a differential pay benefit. SB696 will ensure that this benefit continues for at least another six years.

The Governor thanked Senators Ron Brown and Mark Miller, as well as Representatives Terry Musser and Robert Turner for their work on this bill.

Assembly Bill 112 modifies the regulations for vehicle registration plates for disabled veterans.

The Governor thanked Senators Rob Cowles, Glenn Grothman, and Julie Lassa, as well as Representatives John Ainsworth, Joan Ballweg, and John Lehman for their work on this bill.

Assembly Bill 1174 allows those members of the military called into active duty to cancel mobile telephone contracts without fear of penalties or additional fees.

The Governor thanked Senators Russ Decker and Tim Carpenter, as well as Representatives Mark Gundrum and Donna Seidel for their work on this bill.

"Wisconsin has earned a reputation for offering the most comprehensive array of state veterans' benefits and services of any other state in the nation," Governor Doyle said. "And today, I'm pleased to sign six pieces of legislation that will ensure we continue to honor our debt to our veterans, and that our veterans program remains the best in America."


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