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Monday, May 22, 2006

For women Veterans

Many of us forget that women are often right in the thick of things during a war.

No all women Vets were nurses, I remember a women in my squad as a 63B light vechicle mechanic. Very cool person and a pretty darn good mechanic to boot.
Luv ya Cheryl.

Unfortunately some women were also sexually harrased while in the military or hot zone. Very uncool.

The following is an excellent site for injured women Veterans. Ladies please make sure you take advantage of all the Military benefits you can.

If a women can pick up a weapon and fire then she is a member of the team period. It is easy to forget in a machismo based organization that common decency applies to our soldiers as well as our enemies.

I went up to the local Veterans cemetary a few days ago, put some flowers down, I have to do more.

I often wonder what happened to my motivation, I was a squared away soldier, what happened when I came back into "society"?

In many respects civilians are less civil then soldiers, perhaps it was we all knew we were depending on each other if the shit hit the fan.

Dam I miss those days, called the recruiter 2 years ago to go back in they said I was to old even with a 4 active 4 inactive and two college degrees.

The degrees dont mean shit especially when they are in a field you dont like lol. I can not sit behind a desk for 9 hours a day.

Well as usual I be rambling.

Be well keep your head down and shit together.


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