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Monday, May 01, 2006

Interview with Michael Yon

Interview with Mr. Michael Yon Veteran, and Writer who was submitted for the Pulitzer Prize in three catagories.

Intro from the website: Why is Michael doing this?
I traveled to Iraq in December 2004, but the prime impetus to go
almost nine months earlier, after two friends were killed in two days
Iraq-one in Falluja, the other in Samara. In March, 2004, I attended
their funerals, also days apart, one in Colorado, the other in Florida.
met many veterans of the war on terror, some of whom encouraged me to
go to
Iraq or Afghanistan, and write the truth.

Michael, first of all let me say Thank you for the interview. The work
are doing for the troops is fantastic.

Question 1.
We know why you started but what drives you to keep going back?

The same reason I started. The media is doing a terrible job.
speaking, the mainstream media is like a series of fast-food
Much volume, little substance, and low quality. If you want the truth
about Afghanistan or Iraq, you must find competent writers who are willing to
go into harm's way, and stay there.

Question 2.
How do you deal with all the politics concerning the war?

I don't. I do not pay attention to day-to-day politics, but I pay
attention to the big picture and what the top leaders are saying.

Question 3.
How is the morale of the troops you have visited? Any particular story
that sticks in your mind so far?

The morale among combat troops who are actually fighting tends to be
very high. The morale among reserve and guard units tends to be a bit
lower; many of the reserve and guards have jobs and businesses they left
behind, and also their deployments can be longer after factoring in the months
it takes to train up for deployment, the deployment itself, then upon
return the have other tasks to complete before being cut free. So, among
combat units, the mood tends to be very good, and on the other end of the
spectrum there are soldiers who definitely do not want to be there.

Question 4
How is the morale of the people in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Though I have been to Afghanistan, I was not with our troops so cannot
speak for it. But for Iraq, please refer to the previous answer.

Question 5
How can we as a website and blog help you help the troops?

The biggest thing you can do is to alert troops and their families that
we are beginning to publish stories from soldiers in harm's way. They are
welcome and encouraged to send us stories for publication in our "Frontline

Question 6
How has the support been from the U.S. government? How can we help?

I get no support from US government. You can help be spreading the
word about our Frontline Forum.

Question 7
How can the average citizen help you?

Just be reading what I write on my website.

Question 8
What kind of media coverage have you been getting? Is there something
more you would like in that area?"

More than I can handle at times. Media coverage has been nearly 100%
positive and supportive. It's been more than I should hope for.

Question 9.
What can we do together to make sure Veterans benefits are increased
not cut for the soldiers returning from War?

That's something I'll think about down the road, but I am still very
much involved with the tip of the spear and so have not had time to even
consider those important aspects for our veterans.

Question 10.
Is there anything you would like to tell our readers?

Thank you, and God Bless America!


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