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Friday, April 07, 2006

President Clinton On Gulf War illness 1993

[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]
From the 1993 Presidential Documents Online via GPO Access []

[Page 2617-2618]

Monday, December 27, 1993

Volume 29--Number 51
Pages 2611-2636

Week Ending Friday, December 24, 1993

Statement on Signing Persian Gulf War Veterans Health Care Legislation

December 20, 1993

I am deeply concerned about the reports of health problems
afflicting a number of our Persian Gulf veterans. The legislation I am
signing today, H.R. 2535, addresses those problems by authorizing the
Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to treat them for any disease that
may have resulted from their exposure to toxic substances or
environmental hazards in the Gulf.
Since our troops returned home over 2 years ago, we have heard from
many who are experiencing serious health problems for which modern
medicine is having difficulty establishing a cause or a diagnosis.
With parades and a national outpouring of gratitude, we showed those
brave men and women our appreciation for the sacrifices they made for
all of us. Now we must stand by those who are suffering.

[[Page 2618]]

The symptoms these veterans experience have included, among other
things, fatigue, painful muscles and joints, bleeding gums, skin rashes,
short-term memory loss, and hair loss. With this legislation, the VA
will have the authority to provide to these veterans both inpatient and
outpatient care on a priority basis. Thus, we can help make certain that
these veterans' health care needs are met as fully as possible while
important research into their problems goes forward.
This legislation also provides for reimbursement to these veterans
for any copayments they may have made to the VA for care that might have
been necessary because of their exposures in the Persian Gulf.
In addition, this legislation extends the VAs authority to:
furnish Vietnam veterans with care that may be related to
their exposure to agent orange;
furnish veterans who participated in nuclear weapons tests
or in the occupation of Hiroshima or Nagasaki with care that
may be related to their exposure to ionizing radiation;
provide women veterans with sexual trauma counseling; and,
maintain its regional office in the Philippines.
Over 650,000 service men and women from United States forces
valiantly forced Sadam Hussein's armies from Kuwait, and earned the
respect and admiration of people around the globe. They also earned our
Nation's undying gratitude and support.
William J. Clinton
The White House,
December 20, 1993.

Note: H.R. 2535, approved December 20, was assigned Public Law No. 103-


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