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Monday, June 04, 2007

A valentine for a soldier Jody strikes yet again

All those snakes who sleep with soldiers wifes whenile they are protecting your ass should be busted up bad. I know how a Dear John letter feels.

To the wives who cheat while their husbands are away, I\ll see you in hell where you belong.

In off a mission LBE on the floor Weapon in the corner Needing to be cleaned It's been so long Since her last perfumed letter Read 200 times Ink starting to fade I killed 3 men today How can I ever return home To my wife that I love so dearly Can she ever understand Upon my bunk Todays mail lays waiting Familiar scent of Obsession Drifting into the air I open the letter so slowly I close my eyes to see you Sweet lips seduce me In my minds eye "My dearest," your letter begins "I dont know how to tell you" My heart skips a beat "I am so sorry to tell you this way" "I met another Who is now here with me And not in some far off land Know I still love you" "Please sign the papers Included here within I know you love me So now set me free" My sins have come back to me For the lives I have taken Now no need for her to forgive me Because now here I will stay I have taken others loved ones Fathers, husbands, and sons Now justice has been served to me My love is now gone I sign the lawyers papers Into the envelope I slip them inside I pick back up my weapon And the next mission I will go fly

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